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Abgeschickt von Sir Seek am 07 Januar, 2005 um 19:21:06:

Antwort auf: Re: von pop up blocker am 01 September, 2004 um 23:09:41:

</a><p>90% of people just want a toolbar to help them search the internet quicker and/or simpler, but the majority of the major search engine's toolbars are loaded with unnecessary features (bloated, bloatware) that are already included in other softwares (example: many antivirus and firewalls stop popups yet many toolbars incorporate another popup stopper). </p>

<p><a href=""> </a>has created a <b>MEGA POWER SEARCH TOOLBAR</b> (the better 'mouse' trap) that helps you search over 150 search engines, directories and portals! No extra features other than power searching the internet! This power search toolbar will help you find what you are looking for in half the time as usual!

<p>Our handy and useful toolbar is totally freeware, 100% free, with absolutely NO popups, cookies, spyware, adware, nagware, sneakware, trojans, worms, malware or viruses! Does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required ever!

<p><font size="5">See <a href=""> </a>for more information and downloading. </font>

<p><font size=2><i><b>Some examples of search engines and portals used:</b></i>

<p>Many Meta Searchers, MSN, <a href="">Accoona</a>, AOL, <a href="">Whak</a> Comedy, Netscape, <a href="">Ask</a> Jeeves, AltaVista, Lycos, <a href="">PowerSearch</a>, Rex, Splat, <a href="">Google</a>, AllTheWeb, Ditto, <a href="">DogPile</a>, Ebay, Teoma, <a href="">Vivisimo</a>, Galaxy, <a href="">Canuckster</a>, Excite, HotBot, <a href="">Presearch</a>, ExactSearch, <a href="">MetaCrawler</a>, Open Directory/<a href="">DMOZ</a>/ODP, KartOO,  <a href="">SpareChange</a>, WiseNut, <a href="">MedChecker</a>, MonsterCrawler, MegaWeb, Zeal, etc!</font>

<p>Imagine all this power (multiple major meta engines and search engines) available at a simple couple clicks from any web browser page you have opened! Jump from search engine to search engine in no time! Unlimited search access to news, movies, mp3s, weather, chats, email checking, sports and more, all searching needs at the control of your finger tips! Cut your research time in half (save your business money)!

<p><p align="center"><img alt="DOWNLOAD OUR ADVANCED TOOLBAR!" src="" border="0" width="572" height="24"></p>

<p><b>We even have a more advanced toolbar with PopUp (pop-up ads/advertising) stopper and useful web tracking removal (remove web cache, searched history, remove temp files, clear address bar history, get rid of surf history, remove all cookies, remove documents viewed history, empty recycle bin, etc) at the click of a button! It is very similar to the Google Toolbar (except we do not track your web surfing, in fact, we help you hide/cover/erase your web surfing tracks) and can even replace it! Even zoom in to a page (enlarge both text and pictures/images) for closer viewing, or reverse too (smaller zooming feature). You can highlight all related search words/phrases on a page, even find each separate existence of the word/phrase per page. Even customizable! Link on <a href=""> </a>.</b></p>

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