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Abgeschickt von outlaw am 07 Februar, 2006 um 07:25:26

Antwort auf: von David Gaye am 20 August, 2004 um 08:17:37:

: My name is Patricia Gaye and I am a wall street veteran for 32 yrs. of experience.

: My credibity and knowledge of todays financial needs is just what I relay my expetise on.

: As an investment partner we at Morgan Stanley(camden, NJ) can offer you a variety on options on how to, manage, and invest funds into inspired assets.

: We also have world wide affiliates including our district office in Nigeria.

: Furthermore you can choose the option to speak to a financial officer or simply email me for more information. My email address is

Dear mary:

Hi,this is "outlaw" like i said,i would be honored and you would be safe and you would be able to be free to advance your education and feel free invest in want you want.
I can'y tell you enough how honored and it would be a privilege to help you.When i am not around,i have at least 10 outlaw's to make sure some is safe.I hope you reconcideri know it would be an honor to watch you for protection.

I know we can do this and i know 4 a fact with me and all of the outlaw's,your you would feel more comfortable in doing in any investment's and your education, i personally would make sure you never got hurt i know we can together make this work

: Tell 1 856.566.8910


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