"Important: Special deleviry for Mrs. Mary Jane Koroma and Son....."

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Abgeschickt von David Gaye am 20 August, 2004 um 08:17:37

Antwort auf: FROM MRS MARYJANE KOROMA von MRS MARYJANE KOROMA am 01 Juli, 2004 um 12:40:11:

My name is Patricia Gaye and I am a wall street veteran for 32 yrs. of experience.

My credibity and knowledge of todays financial needs is just what I relay my expetise on.

As an investment partner we at Morgan Stanley(camden, NJ) can offer you a variety on options on how to, manage, and invest funds into inspired assets.

We also have world wide affiliates including our district office in Nigeria.

Furthermore you can choose the option to speak to a financial officer or simply email me for more information. My email address is Makavelii3@verizon.net

Tell 1 856.566.8910


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