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Abgeschickt von MRS MARYJANE KOROMA am 01 Juli, 2004 um 12:40:11

Antwort auf: Gambling Bonus von Gambling Bonus am 13 Juni, 2004 um 10:42:18:


Dear in the lord, I know that this letter may or may not come to you as a surprise. But after after going through your profile,I decide write to you. I am Mrs MARYJANE MOHAMED KOROMA A Sierra Leone, l am married with four children and a former student of the federal university of Free town sierra Leone. My Husband Dr MOHAMED KOROMA, was the former finance minister of sierra Leone. In the cause of the war That hapened in my country.He was accused by Tejan Kabbas present president of sierra Leone of embezzlement and supporting the rebel leader foray Sankohs group for fighting against his government two weeks later he was assassinated with three of our children by unknown assassins on their way home on the 22nd of April of 2001 before his assassination he disclosed to me about a deposit he made with a security and finance company abroad for a life time investment purpose after his death I retrieve in his private safe and took the documents concerning the deposit and made my way to Abidjan with our remaining child to avoid the reoccurrence of what happened to my husband and my three children. Presently I am in Abidjan with my son as a refugee under the help of peace keeping force and I don?t intend to go back to my country although the situation has return normal going through the documents I understand that the money was deposited into two different places one here in Abidjan and the other one in Europe. That is each one containing $15,5m dollars in eachtrunk box. But he declared it as a vital family belonging to avoid the security officials for not raising eye brows on the money. Now, having succeededing locating the areas where the two trunk boxes were deposited, I am soliciting for your assistance, to act as my partner since I and my child are the only beneficiaries of this deposited funds, so help me to uplift this money in this two different areas to your account where I will invest it in any lucrative business in your country with you acting as my investment broker and partner. I am awaiting anxiously to hear from you as your involvement and modalities of this transaction will be carefully discussed in our next correspondence.

NB: please threat this as highly confidential Attention and mutual understandings. Please response to me through my private email address. Thank you for your kind yours faithfully. Mrs



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